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06/24/2021: Portrait of a Lady Vampire

My latest story, "Portrait of a Lady Vampire" was published in Daily Science Fiction!! Give it a look and if you like it like, maybe give it a good rating.

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

05/23/2021: I've seen the galley proofs for my stories in Devlish & Divine

And let me say that I hope I never get tired of such a thing! I hope reviewing galley proofs is a "chore" I have to take on many, many times in the future!

But for now, I'm just excited about the new book coming out.

More excited for the number of times my name will appear in print: once under each of three stories, three times in the Table of Contents and once more on the "Autograph Page", which I think is an excellent invention! I hope that means that someone might seek me out at a con to complete their set of authors.

04/12/2021: Is In A Flash 2020 family friendly, appropriate for pre-teens?

I was asked this during an online reading at HeliosphereNY this past weekend. And while I can say that most of my writing fits into the category of Family Entertainment, which is my own Comfort Zone, and that mature things are left "off camera", if you will, I have to say that there are a couple of stories in In A Flash that don't quite rise to that level.

First and foremost is the story "Warp Space and Chill" which is about a hustler and the hustled. While not explicit (because, frankly, I'd feel silly writing scenes like that), it contains mature situations. I refer to this as the "Out of My Comfort Zone" story in the book. The other warning goes with the horror story, "Block", which my older brother found a little disturbing, although I'm not sure if it was the contents that bothered him, or the fact that he didn't expect it from me. In any case, it is not a supernatural horror story. It is grounded in "realism", which might make it troubling for younger readers.

Beyond that, without spoilers, there's nothing that coulnd't be shown on broadcast television. Actually, I guess that doesn't say much because those other two would probably be fine on network TV as well. However, there's minimal amounts of violence. On the other hand, there are talking kittens. And "The It Girl" is likely the most chaste story in the book.

04/11/2021: After a long delay, the penultimate chapter in the "U.S. 1" serial has been posted to Archive of Our Own. "U.S. 1" is a story of the Driving Tigers/Road Wolves, set in the Autoduel America (aka Car Wars) universe of Steve Jackson Games.

Coming soon: I will have three short pieces in a new eSpec Books anthology this summer, Devilish and Divine, (formerly Horns and Halos) edited by Danielle Ackley-McPhail and John L. French. I'm delighted at the company of authors that I'm joining in this volume.

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